Pick a website you would like to clone.



Create your own story. Edit titles and text, swap and upload images.



Share your creation with friends via your own domain name and watch the views roll in.


What is exactly Cloning Sites?

Cloning Sites is a web cloning tool that lets users clone any website on the internet, and you can customize your website any way you wish and you will have full control of your website.

Cloning Sites Features:

  • Custom domain name
  • Caching
  • Text rewriting
  • Most advertising networks removal
  • Most analytics tools removal
  • Custom ads.txt and robots.txt
  • Placing ads anywhere
  • Ad invalid activity prevention
  • Creating web pages
  • Titles and text editing
  • Media replacing
  • Elements removal

You will have everything you need to get started from day one.

If you want to have a picture in The New York Times you can choose an existing NY Times site, replace a picture with your picture, edit the headline and text, and voilà! You're famous ... at least within your group of friends that fall for the clone.


True words from our customers.

Mbarako Oussama

Motion Design

Nasser Ali

Cloning Sites Customer

Oumaima Roy

Cloning Sites Customer

How to clone any site with one click?

Type a URL into the section in "My Sites", keep in mind some sites may not work well and ideal sites are simple like blogs or stores, etc. You can customize your website in any way you wish, By using "My Search and Replaces" and "My Element Removals", you will have full control of your website. You can customize a page and adding "Ad Network". Save and share your clone with friends on social media.


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